Chapter 2 The Natural Sun

13. The solar body's material in its external aspect is a somewhat firmly held soul substance within which countless spirits are held in a rather loose captivity. But there has also upon the solar body been created, out of My love and grace, a second firmer substantial body well suited for the taking up of the spirits, kept fixed within solar matter. When this body, or rather true solar man is generated through the willpower of a predecessor, then a spirit is at once taken up by this begotten man for a further liberty test. Once the conception has taken place, which always takes place immediately after procreation, then solar man is also there forthwith fully alive. Whereupon he is at once acquainted with My will-system and his own will-perfection pointed out to him on account of which he is in possession of a truly creative capacity requiring no more than to will something firmly, whereupon the solar soil at once yields it to him.

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