Chapter 153 From Hell to Heaven, Book 2

5. If you have ears then hear: “Satan originally was created as a human spirit. But when he should have, through a Commandment, recognized and accepted his freedom, he became indignant; and through scorning the Commandment and therewith God Himself, he fell from grace. But since, like Adam, he was to become a progenitor of future men for eternity, he also carried like a grain of seed, within him immense multitudes of future humans, so to say wrenching them away from Me, his creator. The result was the material creation of all the worlds, which in itself is an essential judgment. He himself can indeed for a long time still remain what he is; but those countless human germs shall be taken from him, along the hard way of matter of course. These germs go forth out of his aggregate nature: partly from his hair, partly from his head, his neck, his tongue, his teeth, his breast, his inward parts, skin, hands and feet. And behold, mankind, in order to reach the true stage of perfection, has to be treated and led according to which of fallen Satan’s part it had originally proceeded from.

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