Chapter 171 From Hell to Heaven, Book 2

2. After a short while Miklosch continues: “Ah, this truly is supremely tragi-comic! From the fiery sea, which is still raging back and forth with thunderous din, sending forth countless lightning, numberless shapes are cheerfully on the rise. They look quite graceful from the front, but like half-decayed skeletons from behind. They seem not in the least troubled by the surging, glowing flood, whilst the most intense heat seems to give them intense pleasure. The lightning strikes through them like water through a sieve, without troubling these charming shapes in the least; truly most peculiar! They are multiplying, doing a sort of roundel (dance). One most attractive group moves forward with dainty steps towards Cado, who watches the scene intently, without however seeming to derive visible pleasure, notwithstanding his amazement at these many dancing groups. One group is making gracious movements near the hill, seeming to entertain Cado, as he has smiled at them repeatedly, but he is not getting to see their backs.

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