Chapter 206 From Hell to Heaven, Book 2

5. Says Seppl: “Well, everybody knows that they don’t hold dances in them. I know as well as you do that these old princes brought many tragic episodes over their nations during their often tyrannical reigns! I know to what extent these coffins are honourable or otherwise! But whether yonder Jew conversing with so-called Paul is the famous son of God, is another matter! Everything is possible, but over here we still lack the certainty of what to take for true or untrue. Do you think I am a foe of Christ or have no faith in Him? You are gravely mistaken. I honour Him endlessly high, and for that reason still have second thought, about this Jew. I watch everything, and if I discern that it nevertheless is Him, then you shall be astonished at my bearing towards Him! For be advised that I love Him endlessly!”

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