Chapter 190 From Hell to Heaven, Book 2

Chapter 190

The ancestor’s prayers for blessings

The Lord’s response

Preparations for the Lord’s return

1. All the prophets and apostles step up to me, saying: “Amen! Hallowed be Thy name, here in Your heavens as also upon your Earth – a true testing-ground for all generations those are to sprout for an eternal existence under Your heart! But one thing we all ask, as from one heart and mouth, Holy Father: that You would put a stop to Satan’s abominable game once and for all ! Take the people from the Earth and cause gold, silver and precious stones to vanish, that man would no longer crave after the shine of these obscene things, but strive after pure love and truth! What of all the spiritual treasures carried to the grave,the hunt for all these things preventing mankind from awakening their spirit within your order, to draw there from imperishable treasures for time and eternity!

2. Put an end at last to Satan’s base handiworks! With his timely disappearance from the field of action, mankind must at last become more oriented to the good and true, alternatively however sink steadily deeper into ruin. None can tell how ultimately you proceed to lead everything to its most congenial goal. With some beings this may take vastly extended previous to their pre-determined goal. Wherefore the most desirable outcome for us God-oriented ones would be an abbreviation of the epochs, as You Yourself promised your nations, oh Lord!

3. It really is regrettable that your beautiful Earth is unable to heal the perpetual injuries inflicted by prevailing tormentors for as long as you don’t remove the latter from its cosmic body. Please do soon whatever You intend to, Lord and Father, or men shall despair of anxiety about the stream of troubles without end. For us of course, waiting is easy, in your presence and its bliss, oh holy Father, and a thousand Earth years are here like a fleeing spring day. But to our brothers, still living in their mortal hulls upon Earth, anxious minutes turn into years and the latter into eternities. Hence, oh Father, open up the rich fountains of your love and grace, blessing the poor upon Earth with the grace of your visitation, foreshortening this evil time! Your holy will be done forever!”

4. Say I: “You do well praying thus. But you nevertheless fare as those who were always too late everywhere and hence have also been always too late before Me, as I am the first everywhere and in everything. You are as the members of My body, which cannot act until My spirit urges them. If however you are in need of My spirit at every level, how can you assume that your prayers can move Me to an action whose necessity I already knew before any spirit out of Me had yet enjoyed free consciousness! Before you yourselves think about something I have already taken steps at those very manifestations now in evidence, in the absence of which the general purpose ultimately of your eternal, freely creating life in my presence could not possibly be achieved.

5. Am I in one stroke, through fire from heaven to destroy all hierarchies? This is no longer possible after the great work of salvation. No sin flood and no further destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah!

6. Every evil upon Earth is now rather its own judge and punishment that follows sin closely upon its heels. The hierarchies demanded their ancient terrible freedom of the Priesthood. And behold, it is given them, minus material power! If however the hierarchies continue to make wicked use of their evil freedom, then they shall cause thousands to leave their bad fraternities and join better ones. Thousands have already fallen away from Rome while you are still praying here! Can time be more foreshortened than that? Has not everything been undertaken that will soon be essential for their downfall?

7. Could I ever return to Earth whilst the evil hierarchy is not first effectively stopped dead in its tracks? Were I however to come as God, well: you will certainly grasp that the entire Earth would be judged and no being would be capable of a true breather.

8. But if I come to the Earth, I can come only to the poor. Only thus can all the dictatorial strivings be counteracted, and there with My hastening there reach what is lost.

9. Yet your prayer nevertheless was just, for it was given you that way, My actions nevertheless having anticipated you enormously! But now Robert-Uraniel comes with his crowd; hence be ready to move on!”

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