Chapter 191 From Hell to Heaven, Book 2

Chapter 191

Moving away from the chamber of perfection

Robert and Helena with Cado before the closed heavenly portals

Minerva re-appears

1. All hasten to do My will; Robert-Uraniel comes up, saying: “Lord and Father, everything is done according to Your will and holy order!”

2. Say I: “So let us move towards morning, where you appear to see two massive columns in the distance! That’s where the fourth great chamber of perfection lies, and only there does actual heaven begin. Here, take your wife, so that out of My especial love within you, you would perfectly enter upon the kingdom of your love and cognition!”

3. Robert-Uraniel embraces his Helena most lovingly, praying Me that I would enter the great hall at his side, and that between himself and Helena. But I say: “You must learn to move freely; otherwise you shall always need apron strings. I shall however be present anyway when you enter. I shall be with you wherever you move with love for Me, for your love of Me is Myself! I am present wherever there is true and pure fullness of love towards Me. And so go ahead and open the portal to the kingdom of your heart’s perfection!”

4. Robert bows down deeply, commencing his trip, moving cheerfully along with Helena, who is asking him how he is actually settling down in the kingdom of God, and whether he feels at home yet. Says Robert-Uraniel: “Sometimes it feels strange, especially when the Lord is not at my side. But where the Lord is visibly in my proximity, there I feel at home again. But notwithstanding my grasping them, all those appearances alienate me, because their preparation occurs unexpectedly. Yet I’ve gotten used to that as well. Here however is the portal. Locked! What now?”

5. Says Helena; “Well, we shall try to open it in the name of the Lord. Behold, a golden key is actually sticking out!” Robert grasps it, turning left and right, the door isn’t budging. He tries again with a harder push, to no avail!

6. Robert gets somewhat peeved, saying to Helena;“Behold, my beloved wife, I confess that this once again alienates me, like being abandoned by helpers when in trouble. Just look around as far as the eye can see – no one other than Cado, who came along quietly; neither soul nor spirit to be seen!” Says Helena: “Really strange, can’t see anyone but Cado myself and the door refuses to open: yet the Lord sent us here Himself. Try again with my help – it may work! ’

7. Robert tries the golden key in every direction, with Helena pushing against both wings, the efforts wasting some while. Says Helena, as they both tire: “My dear Robert-Uraniel, no one can do more than their best. Having used up our strength, this celestial portal still won’t open which can’t be our fault. In the Lord’s name, let it remain closed! But we could bother our friend Cado; perhaps he can work it out!” Says Robert-Uraniel: “Right, I will ask him.”

8. Says Robert-Uraniel to him: “Dearest friend, you good naturedly accompanied us, and you heard the Lord’s instruction to me – would I come with my wife and open the door; yet all efforts failed! I would ask you to help me for the third try; we may perhaps open this huge celestial portal together. If not, then may the Lord do to us as He will!”

9. Says Cado: “Dear friend, my effort would bring you little blessing; God’s business is not performed by oxen; you are called and chosen, and I not even called. But I will lend a desired hand. You are aware that only those gain God’s kingdom who take it by force. So let’s go about it in God’s name.”

10. Robert tackles the key again – seven times to the left. With no give, he turns it to the right as far as it will go. With more heavy pushing the door stays closed.

11. Robert-Uraniel scratches his head and Cado says: “I told you it won’t work! Do I not know that these spiritual things are much more stubborn than earthly ones. Upon Earth, a mountain would be easier to shift than opening such spiritual portal! My advice would be to give it time. It cannot be our task to constantly trouble our Lord God Jesus; hence we were assigned a spot where we are to wait until this portal is opened for us by higher power. What we could do is remember the Gospel advice: “Seek and you will find; ask and it shall be given; knock and it shall be opened! Who can tell whether the door would not stand there open already; what do you think, my friend?”

12. Says Robert-Uraniel: “You are right indeed, but nevertheless it is odd that the Lord should have basically forced me to hasten over here to open the door on account of portentous things awaiting us here! I shall however follow your advice!”

13. Adds Helena: “Friends, it truly is no small thing to enter upon the kingdom of God! What most embarrasses me here is the gloriously shining gown. I would be much less embarrassed if I was wearing an ordinary peasant dress. Verily, this business could really make you cross with the Lord! Previously milk and honey of the best quality, now followed by dripping bitterness! And in place of the celestial bread one has already enjoyed in overabundance, there is porridge! Let’s drink to that, it makes for a champion celestial sweetness! If however, I a fool, could only rid myself of this ridiculous dress, as it really humiliates me! Do you my beloved Robert-Uraniel still like my Uranian star gown?”

14. Says Robert: “To be honest, I too would like any other a million times better. In this divine suit I now feel like a fobbed celestial donkey. By God, now I’d rather wear leather shorts and a crude jacket! Never in my whole terrestrial and spiritual life have I felt as ashamed as in this embarrassing celestial garb! If only I could swap it for something else! Says Helena: “I would give mine away for the dirtiest kitchen rag, there being nothing more pitiful than a kingly robe upon swineherd turf.”

15. Says Cado: “Dearest friends, you are on my wavelength! Christ the Lord of infinity Himself must have felt that way, having so often railed against pompous clothing; does He not wear the simplest of garb even here in the kingdom of light! I am myself a decided foe of all wearable splendour, whether in the material world or here in the spirit kingdom. Wherefore I can’t blame you for abhorring your splendid heavenly garments. If that is all they mean to you then this is right. I never held much of such heavenly frills; but what shall we do to open the door. Will we start asking, seeking and knocking?”

16. Says Helena: “That we will give a miss, I would think! If the Lord is not going to open it for us then let it be locked for eternity, Amen!” Says Robert: “You are not wrong my most beloved Helena; do you think however that if one has made it all the way to the celestial portal, one ought to make every effort to get through! There is no embarrassment in asking, and even less in seeking, and as for the knocking – I’m now going to make a din upon both wings like no other: how do you like that? I had already as an angel made a most extensive celestial journey with Sahariel, and now I stand in your company like an ox upon the hill! The only thing we miss is the legendary Minerva; should be a treat to hear her lay into this door-lock! ’

17. Says Cado: “Don’t overly mention the wolf! Verily, if I am not mistaken, she is launched to pay us a visit! Now we can wait for riddance’. Says Helena, confounded: “She must have good hearing! Robert Uraniel nice time coming! You just had to mention her name in this quandary! It’s going to be high Mass! Is she maybe going to drag us down to the lowest? God be with us!”

18. Says Cado: “There is no talk of that, but the fatal thing is that once here, there is no happy riddance of her!” – Says Robert: “In that case let’s try stopping her from coming; we surely should be furnished with excess divine power for it!” Says Cado: “Try it, but probably in vain; she will claim fullest right to come and seek entry at the door to God’s house. It is quite another thing whether she will be admitted. Let us just let her go her way unhindered, pretending not to notice her. Should she still steer towards us, we may go rough on her, but take neither a friendly nor judgemental stand, but a dispassionate one – that’s the least agreeable one to her. It’s the quickest way to get rid of her; I think I have her full measure.”

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