Chapter 1 The Spiritual Sun, Book 1


The Spiritual sun, a Spark of Grace of God

1. Before we can go into the actual spiritual sun, we need to know beforehand where it is, how it is related to the natural sun and its composition.

2. In order to be able to make a perfect notion of the whole thing,.it must first be noticed that the spiritual is all that which is the innermost and simultaneously the most penetrating of all, thus the sole working and causing.

3. Take for instance a fruit; what do you think is inside it? Nothing but the spiritual power in the germ. What is the fruit itself, with all its ingredients for covering and preserving the innermost germ? It is basically nothing else than the external organ permeated by the power of the germ, which in all its parts behaves in a necessary beneficial way to the existing germs.

4. That the external fruit is an organ which is determined through the spiritual power of the germ, shows in that not only the fruit but also the whole tree or plant, emerges from the germ.

5. What is then the spiritual? The spiritual is first and foremost the innermost power in the germ from which comes forth the existence of the whole tree with roots, stem, branches, twigs, leaves, blossoms and fruit. Yet, it is the spiritual which penetrates all these named parts of the tree as if for itself or its own well-being.

6. The spiritual is, therefore the innermost, most penetrating and most all-embracing. For what is here the most permeating that is also the comprehensive.

7. That this is true, you can grasp from a multitude of natural phenomena. Take for example a bell. Where does the sound find itself? Would you say: more on the outside, more in the middle of the metal, or more on the inside? It is wrong! The sound is the inner spiritual fluidim (in plants it is the viscous gasses or juices), encased in the material hulls.

8. If the bell should be struck, the impact is recorded by the inner fluidim, which is a very elastic and stretchy spiritual substrate, as being something disturbing its rest. Then the whole spiritual fluidim passes into a quest for freedom, expressing itself by means of a continuous reverberation. If the outer surface of the bell is coated with some other material which is not permeated by such easily excitable spiritual abilities, then the vibrations of the excitable spiritual abilities or better said – their quest for freedom, is soon subdued. Such a bell will stop being resounding. If the bell is not coated, however, the sound will keep on resounding for quite a time. If it would also be surrounded by a very sensitive substance, for instance, pure electrically charged air, the sound would be amplified and thus spreads itself far and wide in such a vibrating substance.

9. If you would ponder this image for a while, it will become clear to you that here again, the spiritual is the innermost, permeating and encompassing. We will look at another example.

10. Take a magnetic piece of steel. Where in this piece of steel is the seat of the attracting or repelling power? It is in the innermost, that is inside the casing, which is the visible matter of the steel. Being an inner power, they permeate the matter, not being a restriction to it, but completely encompassing it. That this magnetic fluidim also encompasses the matter in which it finds itself, can easily be seen by everyone when such a magnetic piece of iron would attract a piece of metal laying some distance from it. Would this not be an encompassing and working power outside of the sphere of matter and how can it then attract an object laying some distance away?

11. As example, we will give a few more instances. Look at an electrical conductor or an electrical flask. If such a conductor or electrical flask would be charged with the electricity of a rubbed glass plate, it permeates all the matter and thus becomes the inner part and equal to its permeating element. If you would approach such a conductor or flask, you will soon, by softly waving and pulling, feel that the fluidim is encompassing the whole matter of the conductor or flask.

12. An even more telling example for you is the emanation of every person, just like other beings; of which the most obvious is the somnambulates. The distance over which a magnetizer and a somnambulate treated by him can exchange messages, some of you did experience. If the spirit would be only an internal and a non-permeating being, then so-called magnetizing would not be possible at all. If the spirit were not the all-encompassing and all-controlling, tell, how would such contact between a magnetizer and a somnambulate be possible? I think that we have ample examples from which we can conclude where, how and in what way the spiritual is expressed everywhere, thus surely also conveys itself in, through and by the sun.

13. The spiritual sun is, therefore, the innermost of the sun and is a spark of mercy out of Me. Then the spiritual powerfully permeates all matter of the sun and finally, it is also encompassing the whole being of the sun. This all taken together is thus the spiritual sun. This is the actual sun, for the visible, material sun is only a body of the spiritual sun, being profusely influenced by and are completely dependent on the spiritual sun. This body is formed in all its parts in such a way that the spiritual can express itself in and through it and as such again completely gathers it in a unit.

14. Who wants to observe the spiritual sun, first must look at her outer appearance and then realize that this all, in the details as well as overall, is permeated and encompassed with the spiritual sun – then he will already have a vague image of the spiritual sun.

15. He also needs to ponder that the spiritual is something completely concrete, something able to completely take hold of each other mutually, while the natural is separated into individual parts and form in and out of itself, no fixed unit. Where it does feature as a whole, it is only because of the inner spiritual. This way you will gain clearer insight into the spiritual sun and the difference between the natural and the spiritual suns will be even more pronounced.

16. For you to understand these things even better, I will give you clear information by means of a few examples. First, take a small rod of noble metal. If you look at it in its raw condition, it is dark and rough. If you would polish it, however, it will look completely different as before and yet, it is still the very same rod. What then, is the actual reason to beautify this rod? I tell you, it is very simple. By sharpening and polishing it, the parts at the surface of the rod is pressed closer together and is in a certain way, connected to one another. It thus becomes, even more, concrete and mutually stronger adherent to one another and thus, in a certain sense, also completely unanimous. In the initial crude condition where it still was a loose unit, the parts stood almost in animosity towards each other. Every loose part vied for himself to have the nourishing radiation of light, take for himself as much as possible and leave nothing for his neighbor. In the polished state, which could be called a refined or purified state, these parts take hold of each other. By this taking hold of each other, the light beams become the common good, since no one particle wants to keep it for himself, but share every single bit of light with his neighbors. What is the result? All now have abundant light and they are by a long stretch not able to take in all the riches. The abundance of the general beaming riches reflects as a beautiful, harmonious glow from the whole surface of the polished golden rod.

17. Do you already suspect where this glow comes from? From the unity, or the unification. If then the spiritual is perfect and united in himself, how much greater will be the glory of the spiritual than that of its body which only consists of pieces and is therefore also selfish, full of self-interest and thus dead!

18. Let's have another example. You must have seen a silica stone before, of which glass is produced. Let such a rough silica stone, just like its descendant, the glass, the rays pass through unhindered? O no, this you know very well. Why does such a rough silica stone not let the rays through? Because its parts are still too much separated and too little united. If the rays would fall upon it, every little part would devour the rays for himself and will leave nothing, or in a sense only the waste of the absorbed light for his neighbor. But how is it that his descendant, the glass, becomes so generous? Look first, the silica stone is crushed and ground. This way each particle in a sense dies for the other or gets completely separated from the other. Then the silica powder gets washed, then dried, mixed with salt and then put into the furnace where the separate particles become completely mutually united through the salt and the correct temperature of the fire.

19. What does this work say? The selfish spirits are in a certain sense destroyed, to be completely separated from each other. In this separated condition, they get washed, or better said, purified. After being purified, they are dried, a condition denoting being secured. In such a condition, they are first salted with the salt of wisdom and finally, thus prepared, united in the fire of My love. Do you understand this example? You do not yet completely understand it. Well, I will enlighten you even more.

20. The outer matter world in all her parts are (associated with) the rough silica stone. The separation is the forming of the separate beings. The washing of the silica stone is the washing or the stepwise raising to higher potential of spirits in matter. The drying means the freeing or securing of the spirits in unity, finding expression already in man. The salting is the giving of the light of grace in the spirit of man. The final uniting through the heat of the fire in the furnace is the unification of the spirits among each other as well as the fire of My love. As matter in the furnace cannot melt together before they all acquired the same degree of heat of the fire itself, as such also the spirits cannot become mutually of one mind and thus become eternally forbearing before they first become permeated by My Love and thus by Myself. This is written in Scripture: “Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Matt 5:48). And again, it is written: “...that they may be one as We are” (John 17:11). Look, from this the image should become clear.

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