Chapter 1 The Spiritual Sun, Book 1

10. Take a magnetic piece of steel. Where in this piece of steel is the seat of the attracting or repelling power? It is in the innermost, that is inside the casing, which is the visible matter of the steel. Being an inner power, they permeate the matter, not being a restriction to it, but completely encompassing it. That this magnetic fluidim also encompasses the matter in which it finds itself, can easily be seen by everyone when such a magnetic piece of iron would attract a piece of metal laying some distance from it. Would this not be an encompassing and working power outside of the sphere of matter and how can it then attract an object laying some distance away?

11. As example, we will give a few more instances. Look at an electrical conductor or an electrical flask. If such a conductor or electrical flask would be charged with the electricity of a rubbed glass plate, it permeates all the matter and thus becomes the inner part and equal to its permeating element. If you would approach such a conductor or flask, you will soon, by softly waving and pulling, feel that the fluidim is encompassing the whole matter of the conductor or flask.

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