Chapter 2 The Spiritual Sun, Book 1

Imagine yourselves a house. Of what is it built? As you know, usually from quite crude, formless pieces of matter. This matter everywhere occurs in this, you could say independent condition. This is the clay from which bricks are made, like a certain stone from which lime is burnt. Then also sand and yet unprocessed wood. Now we bring all the raw material together on one or the other terrain. Here lies a heap of clay, there a heap of lime, then a chaotic heap of trees not yet processed and a huge heap of sand. A bit further lies a smaller heap of crude iron ore, even further a heap of silica stones and not much further, a big puddle of water. Look, we have gathered there enough raw material for a house. But say, who of you are of such clairvoyance that he could see in these heaps of crude material a well-ordered, stately house? It looks just as little as a house than a fly looks like an elephant or a fist like an eye. Yet, it all is destined for the building of a stately house. – The Spiritual Sun, Book 1, Chapter 2, Paragraph 2

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