Chapter 2 The Spiritual Sun, Book 1

All the raw material in the vicinity have now been cultivated. There the builder master is laying out his building plan. The soil gets dug out, the masons and their helpers are intently busy, and we see how the crude material begins to take the form of an orderly building under the hands of the builders. A stately house gradually begins to grow from the soil and reaches the predetermined height. Now the carpenters get busy and in a short time, the house has been fully provided with a roof covering. By this time the preliminary heaps of crude material have completely vanished. We only see a bit of sand and part of the burnt lime still, but the so-called plastering and finishing off the house has commenced and with this, also these two remaining materials vanish. Look, the house is finished off, inside as well as out. Now still a few tradesmen come to finish smaller tasks: a carpenter, a locksmith, a painter, oven builder and one that lays floors. These tradesmen are diligently working for yet a while and then the house stands there, almost inspiring one to awe. – The Spiritual Sun, Book 1, Chapter 2, Paragraph 4

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