Chapter 3 The Spiritual Sun, Book 1

The clock, an agreeable image of the sun

1. You choose the clock. This example is better than you would suspect, for I would have chosen a watch. Therefore, we will immediately consider this example critically and it will soon emerge whether it will take us a step higher than the previous.

2. If you would inspect a clock, you see that this small time measuring device is made of pure cultivated matter. You see the well-calculated mechanism, manufactured with a driving gear which grabs the teeth of another gear. You see how the driving gear is connected with the appropriate strengthened chain, with an elastic spring which, with her inherent power, puts the whole mechanism purposefully into motion. If we examine the works even closer, we discover a whole lot more little gears and axles. Everything is calculated and has its purpose.

3. Having had a proper look at the inner works, we now look at the outer form. What do we see? A flat dial plate with a simple set of arms. What do the arms do on such a simple dial plate? As you know, it shows the hours of the day and night and as such, measures time. The time measured by these arms is something all-encompassing, as well as all-permeating and is the center of everything, wherever you would look. Nobody can say: I am at the end of time, or: Time has nothing to do with me, or: Time does not surround me. For every time someone does something, he does it in the midst of time. Why then? For he is constantly permeated and surrounded by time. Let us also consider the timepiece. The arms are fixed in the middle of the dial plate, describing a circle with their extremities. Since they are uninterruptedly stretched out from the center to the outer circle, being physical matter, they describe from the center outwards, an innumerable amount of continuously expanding circles. It is thus clear and understandable that this cyclic motion originates at the center of the little axle to which the arms are attached and consequently covers the whole dial plate, thus finally, through the time they measure out, are so to speak enveloped in an endlessly great circle.

4. Let us return to the inner works of the timepiece. There we will discover a fixed upper plate and the lower plate and fixed cylinders (pillars), connecting the upper and lower plates. We will also see a lot of fixed pins, hooks and adjusting screws. Do these fixed pieces of this tool already contain something of the final destination? Yes, in these immovable parts already mutely are contained the foundation of the destination.

5. If we should look into the clockwork even more though, we would see little gears moving in different ways; first a very lively little sling, then the adjacent little gear. The sling is still far removed from the destination, for it cannot yet describe a full circle, but is still chased to and fro and even though it is the fastest moving part of the whole mechanism, it does not go any further. The next gear, clearly controlled by the busy little sling, detect the happy jumps of the sling and move forward one step with every jump, in its quick, yet incessant cyclic movement. One still sees the jumps of the little sling, but it does not do harm to the whole. The cyclic movement has been achieved. The next gear already shows more regular movement, describes a restful circle and is already much closer to the final destination. The sequential gear's movement is even more smooth, more enduring, more regular and more peaceful and is, therefore, closer to the main purpose, yes it has full connection to it. With the last gear, the goal has been achieved; mechanically judged, it already gives an indication of it [the goal], but it cannot yet be recognized in the mechanics itself.

6. Yet, exactly here, where the final goal can already be revealed in obscurity in the material mechanism, from the center of the mechanics arises an axis through the dial plate to the outside. To this axis, the arms are attached, which would finally, in great simplicity, bring to expression the whole artfully compound mechanism.

7. Do you not already very clearly see where this is all going? All the yet various and compound present itself in the final unification to a final goal; no single unattractive little pin should be missing if the final goal is to be achieved.

8. Now we return to our sun again. Regard this great clockwork as a measure for your unthinkably long times. We have seen the variegated mechanism of this gigantic timepiece. We saw that My Love is the almighty, living spring operating between the two great plates, namely eternity and infinity, putting the great work in motion. We saw the countless teethed gears as well as all pins and pillars. We now know the mechanics. From the variety of its parts, it is just as difficult to detect the destination as if one would want to divide the hours inaccurate fractions by ignoring the dial plate, yet looking at the different movements of the gearing. This is true and nothing can be said against it, many would say, yet the question remains: How then do we arrive at the great mechanism on the central axis which erects itself out of the material above the dial plate of the final and single great destination? I tell you, do not worry yourselves about it, for nothing is easier than exactly this, if one have already made a thorough study and very well know all the parts. Since we now chose the clockwork as an example, we will also elevate ourselves to the great surface by means of this same example.

9. Whoever has had a look at a clockwork, would see that three things practically moves in the same way. The first is the capsule wheel which is attached to the spring, the second is the main driving wheel which is attached to the spring capsule wheel by means of a chain. The third is the central axis wheel which moves the arms over the dial plate.

10. If we want to get to the dial plate, we need to know to what these three wheels correspond. What does the spring capsule wheel correspond to? It is very clear that it corresponds to the love – the spring presents the love in that she is locked up in a sense from inside of life and brings the whole mechanism into existence. As such lies locked up in love itself, already and completely the destination of the mechanism.

11. To what does the second wheel corresponds, which moves the same way and is attached to the spring wheel by means of a chain? This wheel corresponds to the wisdom, who receives her life from love and is thus closely connected to it. With what does the central, main axle wheel correspond? With the eternal order, which clearly arises from the first two wheels and by which all the parts of the mechanism are arranged in such a way that everything ultimately must submit to the achievement of the main goal, which exactly finds its expression out of the love and the wisdom. Look, we now have the whole picture. The axis wheel has been found and it is called Order. Along this axis, we will ascend and witness the destination of all things, as it is expressed exactly in correspondence with the eternal love, wisdom and the order coming forth from both.

12. Now we have reached our goal completely through our example. We already find ourselves upon the spiritual sun, without you being able to suspect or understand how and in what way. But I tell you: First consider the given examples and you will start with the processing of the trees up to the clockwork, easily discover that we have exactly by means of these examples as you would say, merrily walked around on the spiritual sun incognito, while you were still waiting to get there. We already are on the dial plate and do not have to still climb up along the axis to the top.

13. You ask: How then? It all sounds like a riddle. But I say: Where the meaning of these things is shown, even if it is more general than specific, where everything is bound to unification, where even this unification is pictured through various picturesque examples, there is no more the natural, but the spiritual sun. What will now follow, will put everything under a bright light and we will clearly find that we find ourselves already upon the spiritual sun.

14. If someone is holding a torch in his hand, he would know what the torch is made for. If he should walk in darkness, what is easier than to provide him with a torch? You only must ignite the torch and darkness will instantaneously vanish. We indeed have the torch in the hand. The given examples are the torch. What else is needed, but to ignite the torch with the small spark of love, for it to presently brightly illuminate the great, meaningful dial plate of the spiritual sun. Therefore, we will do nothing else next time, but to ignite our good torch with the scintilla amoris [spark of love] and by this beautiful light, to at the great meaning of all the things upon the spiritual sun. With this, we'll end it for today.

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