Chapter 6 Explanation of Scriptures

3. You have determined this text and thus hit the nail on the head again; indeed, this text could be considered a major central sun!

4. "When they saw Him, they worshiped Him." - Who did they see, and how did they see Him, and how did they worship Him?

5. They saw Me, the Lord. With what? With their eyes. And how did they worship Me? With her mouths. Why did they worship Me? Because they knew by wonder who I am; they knew that I am the Lord. How did they know that? They knew this through My teaching, through My deeds, and through the miracle of My resurrection.

6. Now let's see if you do not do the same!

7. You may not see Me with your eyes, but the more you see Me with your ears and with the eyes of the soul, which are your good understanding; for seeing with the eyes is probably the least, because the pictures that fall into it are very fleeting and do not last. The old adage is right: "Out of sight, out of mind!"

8. But what you perceive with the ears is more lasting; for you can faithfully reproduce an interrogated word at any time as you have heard it. But try the same with a viewed object! Even a very skilled sculptor or painter will not succeed in reproducing a viewed object as faithfully as he has seen it!

9. But objects, images, and concepts that the ear has picked up remain fixed, and are extremely faithful; and according to this faithfulness you can speak, and that in different tongues, and can reproduce exactly what you have heard or read, even your gaze, as you have heard, read, and beheld, and after longer periods of time, without the slightest blurring of the impression - while according to your eyesight, not even a picture lying in front of you is able to faithfully trace how you beheld it.

10. From this, however, it is clear that looking with the ear for the incomparable, stands far higher than looking with the eye. Thus it is much better to hear the sound of a word than to look at the outer shape of a picture.

11. A blind man may well be wise, but a dumb man will not easily get it; for dumbness is the usual consequence of deafness. And yet the dumbs usually have a much sharper eye than those who hear and are therefore not dumb!

12. From this it is clear again that looking with the ear is far superior to looking with the eye. Eyesight may well delight and surprise someone, especially when objects of great rarity come to light; but teaching is just picked up by the ear.

13. From this it is clear again that it is better to hear than to see. For what enters through the ear, enlightens and arranges the mind; but that which enters through the eye, often only just confuses it greatly.

14. If for instance the female sex only heard something of a new fashion costume, but never had any idea of it, the sense would be ordered, and it would not be easy for a woman to embark on a new foolish fashion; but when she gets pictures to see, they confuse the good, simple sense and soon make of the woman a vain, foolish grooming-doll, which is more annoying to Me than ten thousand madmen.

15. It shows again how much in every respect listening is better than seeing.

16. But you also see Me daily, and that through the ear of your body, when you read My Word, and through the ear of your soul, which is your better understanding; and as you see Me, as I am also risen up in you, you recognize Me well, and also worship Me, and that with your understanding, and therefore also with your mouth.

17. But now I ask: Was that from the side of those who saw and worshipped Me after the resurrection, even enough to gain eternal life?

18. The three questions which Peter received from Me, whether he loved Me, more than sufficiently demonstrate that the sole seeing and adoration is not yet sufficient to have My kingdom and eternal life within him, for it is not enough alone to say, "Lord! Master!"

19. But just as you also see Me as you read My Word, and also worship Me through the understanding and attention with which you read My Word, so you too can say, "We see You and worship You!"

20. But I will appear once more and ask you not only three times, but more often: "Do you love Me?" - Your mouth says, "Yes!" but when I look right into your heart, I see it quite often, like a morose autumn day, veiled in all sorts of dirty world nebulae, and then I cannot see through the nebulae whether or not this 'yes' is written seriously in the depths of your hearts with glowing script. It may be that it is written in it; but why so many mists that often so darken the heart, that one cannot clearly display this living inscription of love for Me?!

21. Away with these mists! Walk with the singular intuition and adoration, so that this inscription, which is the work of activity after the Word, becomes fully visible in life, and finally I Myself also, according to the ever-brighter light of this sacred, living inscription in your heart!

22. What is the use of reading and understanding if the act fails? What is the use of seeing and worshiping, but continually being asked, "Peter, do you love Me?"

23. Magdalena also saw Me; but I did not ask her, "Magdalena, do you love Me?" I had only to keep her from love; for only too powerfully did her love for Me awaken immediately at the first sight. "Do not touch me!" I had to say to her, whose heart blushed in the brightest flames at first sight!

24. But to Thomas I had to say, "Put your hands into My wounds!" And I had to ask Peter if he loved Me. The "Do not touch me!" Would not have been well used; for neither in Peter nor even less in Thomas, did a heart like Magdalena's beat for Me.

25. Likewise, I also do not need to say to you, "Do not touch Me!", But I say to you even more as to a Thomas: "Lay not only your hands on My wounds, but lay your eyes, ears, hands and feet in all of My creation, in all My heavens and in all My revealed miracles of eternal life, and then believe that it is I who gives you such, and therefore I demand nothing but that you love Me! "

26. But then I still see Peter on the shores of the sea in you, who keeps asking yourselves: "Peter, do you love Me?" For you are Peter in your faith, but still no Magdalenas and no Johns, whom I also did not ask if he loved Me; for I knew well why he followed Me, though I did not say to him as to Peter: "Follow Me!

27. Peter followed Me because I told him to follow Me; John followed Me because his heart drove him to it. - What should be better here?

28. Peter became jealous of John because he regarded him for less than himself; John, however, was defended by Me, and in the same moment he was assured to remain, and that is more than the "Follow Me!" For it is better to say: "Stay as you are!" Than that I would tell him to follow Me.

29. Likewise is true: active love is better than faith, looking and worshiping, and better than reading a lot about Me, but loving little!

30. I think that will be clear again; but therefore, next time, some more central suns!

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