Chapter 2 The Twelve Hours

Second hour

Consequences of recklessness

Asia. The castle of Brama. Tyranny everywhere. The preached God is Satan.

1. Look at the table; see, the land spread out before you, is Asia. Behold the nations, how they run together, all wrapped in the thickest veil, and utter nothing but lamentation after lamentation from their hollow breasts.

2. Nothing is to be found here but the most blatant paganism, even if here and there a Christian crowd prays to Me, as is shown in the picture by the small groups of naked and bleeding people. There you can see in the middle of Asia a huge castle in the highlands; it is the castle of the god Brama. Behold, this one does it right, for he knows the art of cheating even the kings and feeding them with filth.

3. No-one shall come within an hour's journey of his castle. Woe to the wicked; for the angels of this God stand guard at all ends, as lords over life and death.

4. Whoever comes near there and brings gold and precious stones, fat oxen, cows, calves and sheep, the angels do nothing to him, but they receive the offering, and the giver is dismissed with only 50 to 100 bamboo strokes.

5. You will think that this is something bad. Oh no, I say; whoever comes back and shows his back, which has been beaten blue by the angels, is himself paid a divine homage, and it is easy for him to obtain the most important offices of state by this receipt.

6. But this is not the only thing that happens to such givers; for if someone does not come properly loaded and packed, the gift is accepted, but the giver is not beaten, but is punished by the angels with all kinds of other terrible punishments, which are punishments of such a kind that they sound almost unbelievable or at least ridiculous in the highest degree.

7. For example, that someone must stand for years on one foot under a tree is only something small; for these angels are so inventive in such works of penance, that if I were to make them all known to you, you would hardly believe Me.

8. Their cruelty has no limits in this respect, and yet their constitution is proclaimed everywhere in such a way that no-one can attain eternal bliss according to their doctrine, if he has not offered an efficient sacrifice to this Brama at least once in his life.

9. But such sacrifices are not all that this Brama demands from his believers; he also demands human sacrifices. Firstly, every woman must be sacrificed to him after the death of her husband; secondly, girls and boys must be sacrificed to him every year, i.e., the girls must not be under twelve, but also not over fourteen years old; boys, however, must be sacrificed already in their sixth year.

10. It goes without saying that the girls must be of the most excellent beauty and the boys of the freshest health. Any parent offering such a sacrifice along with another substantial dowry, can then ask for two things, namely that he first obtains a so-called indulgence for all his children and that all penances be forgiven, or he can also - which is a special favor have the angels immediately release him from his body, so that he can most reliably attain his blessedness in this way.

11. Another means of pardon is that if someone has taken a beautiful young woman, he must not touch her at first, but if he wants to receive this grace, he must take her to the border where the angels are keeping watch. There, in the presence of the angels, she must strip completely naked, get into a bath already prepared for this purpose, and wash herself there, and when she comes out of the bath, then decorate herself festively, and let the angel on guard put her to sleep for three nights.

12. When she then returns, she is also sufficiently blessed; and this blessing can have such an effect that, if the husband dies first, she does not need to burn herself, but can either have another person be burned for her, or keep herself from being burned altogether by means of a significant sacrifice.

13. Yes, the folly often goes even further; among other things, this is also a special favor, which is only performed when the appropriate sacrifice has been made, that a girl from 1 to 3 years old has her labia sewn together by such an angel, except for a small opening, for the preservation of chastity, and when such a girl has become marriageable, she is then brought back, and such an angel then makes her receptive for a marriage again; Not to mention other follies without number, which is common.

14. See, I have to watch such nonsense already almost into the third millennium, how this wicked people in possession of the old still antediluvian religion, of which you already have some knowledge, is committing such unspeakable mischief! Look at the end of the illuminated table: See, it is an hourglass, and only a few grains are still to fall.

15. I will not show you all the hideous images of Persia, Arabia, Turkey, the Chinese empire, Siberia and other smaller states; for you will nowhere discover anything but the most hideous oppression of nations, and the God preached everywhere is truly nothing but Satan himself in the most diverse varieties of his wickedness.

16. But do not be concerned about My longsuffering, for the poverty of spirit will already be enriched. But woe to the servants of wickedness! Oh, their reward will be great!

17. I say, as inventive as Satan is, but truly I have also made an invention in secret, about which he will soon have to wonder from eternity to eternity. I have long tolerated and waited for improvement everywhere; only the earth has become full of a disgusting stench; therefore I have already lit My torch to burn them in the near future, so that their disgusting stench does not rise even to My heavens and contaminate the dwellings of My faithful.

18. Therefore, you also see that the world does not offend you, for every word of theirs is a foam bubble filled with deadly pestilence. - Therefore, hear My Word and follow My advice, and the fire of the earth will not burn you when I set it on fire, for this fire will bring life to the living and death to the dead.

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