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[GGJ 8.15.5] I said: "My dear friend, you could have spared yourself entirely this worry, because how many people can live on the now habitable part of the Earth, is already calculated very well by Me since eternal times. When the Earth – the area that has been dried up until this day to accommodate the people – will continue to exist another ten thousand years, and the human race would double or triple every year, then on this Earth ten times as many people as there are now will still very well be able to survive. And when in course of time there would indeed be so many people that the present big, dried up soil of the Earth would not be able to feed them anymore, well then we still have a lot of possibilities in store to rise up in one moment whole continents out of the sea in order to still feed another 100.000 times as many people as there are now living on the Earth. So, about this subject that is giving you so much worries, you can be completely at ease.

[GGJ 8.32.8] The 2 priests believe now without questioning that the soul continues to live after the dead of the body and they believe now in one God, for on several occasions the spirit said in their face that he himself as an evil spirit is much more important than 10.000 legions of their imagined idols with whose help they wanted to drive him out, but that there was only one true God to whom he would obey if He would order him to leave the fleshly house.

[GGJ 8.40.16] However, he who will not do that, will continuously remain entirely in all his sins and its bad consequences, even if 10.000 goats would be slaughtered and be thrown into the Jordan. This and also all the other outer means of purification do not improve nor hollow man in the least, but only his true and sincere acting according to My teaching, and the belief in his heart in the one, true God, and thus in Me.

[GGJ 8.76.3] Those people were very inventive in earthly things and they invented already many thousands of earthly years ago a kind of explosive. When this was ignited, it destroyed everything. If you would pile up about 10.000 pounds of those terrible explosives at about 1.000 men heights deep in a cave under the mountain Lebanon, and then set it alight, then it all would ignite in one and the same moment, and the whole big, high mountain would burst asunder into many pieces, just as the Hanochites before Noah had done with many a mountain by which the inner floodgates of the Earth opened up and all did then perish in the high tidal waves.

[GGJ 8.79.18] Therefore, do not worry about what is better, the proclaimed or written word, for the truth can be very well recognized at its fruits. The lie builds its houses on loose sand, but the truth on rocks, and there, hell cannot undertake a campaign against it, for, as the darkness of the night can never become daylight, so also the lie can never become truth. Then 10.000 false gospels can be written, but always only the one will be and remain the only true one which according to My promise will reveal itself alive in man, if he will live and act according to My words. And until the end of all times that living gospel will also be the only touchstone that is capable to distinguish a written real gospel from a false one.

[GGJ 8.100.9] But it still will last for you an inconceivably long time before the actual end of times of this Earth will come. Because look, all matter of this Earth consists of judged souls who still need to be made free. Now count 1 atom of matter for the substance of 1 soul, and consider that per year only 10.000 times 10.000 of souls can be released by the means that I have already repeatedly shown you – because on the face of the Earth with such a great yearly increase of the number of people not more people can exist – then you surely will perceive that the Earth, although still over many changes, will also in material respect still exist for quite a long time.

[GGJ 9.105.3] Then the one who was married spoke again and said (the Indo-Jew): "Dear, our still completely unknown Friend, look, we really have a blessed mountainous country, which could feed twice as much people and animals as it is feeding at this moment, but Satan has also planted self-interest and selfishness in our country. The elders, who want to be the wise men and the leaders of the people, have divided the country among themselves and have made the people their servants. And so there are in our country now about 700 patriarchs of whom almost everyone has about 10.000 subordinate servants of both sexes into their service.

[GGJ 10.7.3] The captain said: "The law knows no mercy and no indulgence. You broke my law - either because you forgot it or out of bad will, which is the same to me - and therefore you simply have to be punished. Exclusively because you are an eminent and prestigious citizen of this city I will not convert the punishment into a physical sentence but into a sentence of a considerable amount of money. And if you will not comply with my just demand, I will imprison your children as hostages and you will not have them back again until you will have paid the demanded amount up to the last cent. The punishment is 1.000 pound of gold and 10.000 pound of silver, and must be paid to me within 3 hours. Now you know what you have to do, and I am ready with you now. And now I will perform my duties on your arrived guests. So bring me immediately to your new hall."

[GGJ 10.159.4] And as the Earth is no round disk, but a ball, so is the sun, but 1.000 times 1.000 times bigger than this Earth. That it looks so small the way you see it, is because of its enormous distance from this Earth. Even if I would tell you the number of hours it is away from the Earth, you still would not have any idea, for you are not enough knowledgeable in the Arabian system of numbers. But imagine a distance of almost 44.000.000 hours – a couple of Arabians who live here can translate this for you – then you will have a small idea of how far the sun is away from the Earth. And it does not turn around the Earth to bring about day and night, and it also does not sink each day into the big sea – according to the superstition of the Romans and the Greeks – as if it would take a bath and clean itself and then illuminate the whole Earth again in the full strength of its light.

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