Chapter 1 The Twelve Hours

First hour

Recklessness and weakness of conscience

Let the deity be a tyrant. How people become criminals. The emergence of schisms and sects.

1. In the so-called better and educated world, where especially the Christian religion is commonplace under various sectarian forms, morality is usually preached only in such a way as is politically most expedient for the rulers in either worldly or spiritual matters.

2. The people are taught a gray knowledge of God, not that they should recognize and love Him, but only that they should immeasurably fear Him as the most implacable tyrant of all tyrants; and thus the Divinity is preached only as a hostage that is supposed to bear fruit when all other hostages have already become fruitless.

3. Instead of the Godhead being made known to the people for the highest consolation, it is given to them only as something that has nothing to do but irrevocably condemn billions of such morally corrupt and disobedient children to the eternal sea of fire every minute.

4. And so look around a bit, see the innumerable dungeons which are all filled with all kinds of moral criminals, and how from minute to minute these dungeons are constantly increasing in number, so that if these dungeons were united at one point, you would have to believe that the whole generation of the earth will have to get comfortable in a few years to march into all of them.

5. And ask, what will happen to these people who will enter there? Look a little towards the morning; see, there are already a number of deathly pale crowds, surrounded by all kinds of armed people and poisonous judges, and look further, there a number of murder instruments with which these wretches are executed. There you see burning pyres, gallows, scaffolds and many other instruments of murder. Look, this is the last reformatory for such moral criminals!

6. Now you will ask what have all these done? Yes, I say, among them there are murderers, robbers, thieves, defectors and agitators of the state. There are also a lot of people who have caused great harm to the state by all kinds of frauds; among them, there are those who have seriously violated one or another political or even moral order. Look, the crimes of these unfortunates are revealed, insofar as they can serve as at least an apparent reason.

7. But now we want to raise another question and ask: What is the reason that these people have become such criminals? And if you want to ask someone else about this reason, you will surely get no other answer than that the reason lies either in a neglected upbringing, or - which is one and the same anyway - their parents, pre-parents and grandparents were already thus formed.

8. But I ask again: what was the reason that these people received such a bad education, that a whole generation was neglected in education? You need not reach far at all, and the answer will force itself upon you: The main reason is none other than politics, by virtue of which the ruling class of mankind cares for nothing more than that the subordinates should be kept in all darkness as much as possible, fearing that if the people would receive closer information about Me and thereby also about their own destiny, it would mean the end of their power and their temporal income.

9. Oh these fools! They should only look at My David, who himself was a king and a prophet, and as such a great teacher of the people, and they would immediately see that a people that recognizes God and His intention, is also a people full of obedience and good will;

10. and thousands can be ruled more easily with a feather plume than ten dark dullards, who have no other conception of Me than that of a perhaps existing tyrant, or of a being, who before sucked the last drop of blood from His believer like a vampire, until He finally blessed Him with eternal life, kneeling and worshipping eternally on a light-cloud.

11. Look, is it not easy to understand that people try to get rid of such an evil God as much as possible? And if they still have any religion, it consists of pure ceremony, and this only out of purely Divine considerations.

12. The consequence of this was already in the beginning no other than that the more worldly part finally abandoned all religion and whatever Christian Divine doctrine, as you like to say.

13. On the other hand, church divisions and sectarianism arose, namely with men who more or less recognized the folly of such a preached Divinity, and in a certain way said in their spirit: Listen, with the Divinity, as it is taught there, is purely not to be gotten along with; we therefore want to take the pure doctrine ourselves, examine it more closely, and see whether there are not some better sides of the Divinity to be found?

14. And in such examination they really found that I am not such a tyrant after all; but on the other hand they forgot that I am God notwithstanding, and then also took My will too lukewarm; others again put Me so high, and in this way philosophized every action which their nature finds to be a stimulating idea as to be just and completely according to My will - in the erroneous idea that whatever is driven through their foolish sense, is My will - and so instead of the old folly, a lot of follies and different concepts of the Divine arose, that it is really not worth the effort to list them for you.

15. The reason of all this was and is no other than - as already mentioned above - partly the moral policy, but mainly the inertia and also the fear of man, to take seriously the marked ways to eternal life; for truly I say, whoever does not take My kingdom as I have proclaimed it, will not receive it, and should he unite all sects in himself, or stand among all sects; for I alone am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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