Jakob Lorber Search Database for Microsoft Windows

The Jakob Lorber Search Database allows offline searching of the texts of the New Revelation given to Jakob Lorber. Operation and behavior of the program largely corresponds to that of the website www.jakob-lorber.cc

Status of the book database as of August 21, 2022

Screenshot Jakob Lorber Search Database


The NET framework should already be installed on newer Windows PCs. If not, it can either be installed offline with the enclosed file ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe, or online via the website Microsoft NET Framework 4.8

1. Download

Click on the link below and save the ZIP file to your computer. You may see a warning that the download is not secure. You can ignore this warning. The search database has been checked and is free of malware.

Download: Jakob Lorber Search.zip

2. Unpacking the ZIP file

Open the ZIP file and then click "Unzip" or "Extract". The procedure differs depending on the system. Unpack the files or the directory "Jakob Lorber Search" into any directory on your computer. Recommended would be "Desktop" or "C:\" or a USB stick. Now open this directory. There should be the subdirectory "Jakob Lorber search" with the program Jakob Lorber Search.exe and the file "Readme.txt".

3. Installation des NET Framework

To install the NET Framework 4.8, call the program ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe. If the framework is already installed or your Windows version is not compatible, then you will get a corresponding message.

4. Starting the search program

Call the program Jakob Lorber Search.exe.

5. Create a shortcut on the desktop

If you want a shortcut on your desktop, then right-click on the program Jakob Lorber Search.exe and drag it to the desktop while holding down the right mouse button. As soon as the mouse button is released, a menu appears. There you select "Create shortcuts here".